2019 race Results



Tinker Juarez (USA, 58) put on quite a show at K2N 2019, winning 3 of 4 stages and the overall with a time of 12:29:16. His climbing prowess was on display — and his lead established — from the first stage when he climbed 1600m (1mi) on Kilimanjaro over the first 23 km (14.3mi) 20 minutes faster than any other racer.


Trevor DeRuise (USA, 27) won stage 3 and took second place overall (one puncture, one crash, and 21:28 behind Tinker) in a race that wasn’t decided until the final 30km of the last stage, when Trevor couldn’t shake Tinker on K2N’s most technical tracks.

Tim Ellerbeck (SA, 41) was both impressive and consistent with a third place finish in every stage and overall. The coach and writer’s best day on the bike was his sub-3 stage 4, which he finished only 7 minutes behind Tinker and 5 behind Trevor.


MAle DUo

Roger Brown (USA, 49) and Robert Carlyon (USA, 46) won all four stages and the overall male duo category with a cumulative time of 18:27:40.



Catherine Ballantyne (NZ, 48) and Nola Urquhart (NZ, 52) won the female duo category by sweeping all four stages with a total time of 20:22:16.

MasolwaKili.800 copy.jpg

Tanzanian riders

Masolwa Bukulebe (32, pictured) represented Tanzania well, finishing 4th overall (+1:39:26) with Melkiad Mahendeka (38) also strong, in 5th.

K2N 2019 full results can be downloaded here.


2018 race Results


Duo Winners Team #HitSquad

Gordon Wadsworth (USA, 30) and Thomas Turner (USA, 36) cruised to a first place finish in the duo division with a total time of 11:20:58.  They displayed superior skill and endurance, winning four of five stages -- and even looked good doing it, ginger facial hair blowing in the wind.  

Wadsworth and Turner obliterated all previously recorded times on the K2N course, most impressive of which was a 1600m (5250ft) climb over 23km (14.3mi) to an elevation of over 3850m (12,630ft) in 2:04:42.

Tanzanian riders Masolwa Bukulebe (31) and Melkiad Mahendeka (37) of Geita Gold Mine put on a strong showing in their second stage race ever.  They managed to steal Stage 3 away from Team #HitSquad and finished in second place, 1:12:30 behind Wadsworth and Turner.

Solo Winner #EmyShred

Emy Hairfield (USA, 31) fought off all comers -- and some serious obstacles --  to win the solo division outright.  Despite a nasty crash on Stage 3, which resulted in a broken rib and (probably) a broken derailleur the next day (pictured), she finished the week with a total time of 15:52:04.  She won three of five stages in the solo division, including the stage in which she broke her rib.  Hairfield is one tough cyclist. [We imagine how impressive her husband Wadsworth would be if her grit and resolve were contagious.]

Michael Paul (AUS, 56) of Geita Gold Mine finished in second place, 0:45:21 behind Hairfield.  Paul, a solid competitor, also exhibited considerable sportsmanship when he declined to advance against Emy until her broken derailleur problems were sorted on the final day of racing.