2018 Results


Duo Winners Team #HitSquad

Gordon Wadsworth (USA, 30) and Thomas Turner (USA, 36) cruised to a first place finish in the duo division with a total time of 11:20:58.  They displayed superior skill and endurance, winning four of five stages -- and even looked good doing it, ginger facial hair blowing in the wind.  

Wadsworth and Turner obliterated all previously recorded times on the K2N course, most impressive of which was a 1600m (5250ft) climb over 23km (14.3mi) to an elevation of over 3850m (12,630ft) in 2:04:42.

Tanzanian riders Masolwa Bukulebe (31) and Melkiad Mahendeka (37) of Geita Gold Mine put on a strong showing in their second stage race ever.  They managed to steal Stage 3 away from Team #HitSquad and finished in second place, 1:12:30 behind Wadsworth and Turner.

Solo Winner #EmyShred

Emy Hairfield (USA, 31) fought off all comers -- and some serious obstacles --  to win the solo division outright.  Despite a nasty crash on Stage 3, which resulted in a broken rib and (probably) a broken derailleur the next day (pictured), she finished the week with a total time of 15:52:04.  She won three of five stages in the solo division, including the stage in which she broke her rib.  Hairfield is one tough cyclist. [We imagine how impressive her husband Wadsworth would be if her grit and resolve were contagious.]

Michael Paul (AUS, 56) of Geita Gold Mine finished in second place, 0:45:21 behind Hairfield.  Paul, a solid competitor, also exhibited considerable sportsmanship when he declined to advance against Emy until her broken derailleur problems were sorted on the final day of racing.