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adventures afar —

Katie Holden and Anka Martin (SRAM / Juliana) reflect on adventure travel by bike and K2N 2019. Includes photos, video, and bike setup.

“We are not looking in from the outside, we are in it, we are part of it, we are experiencing what the locals experience. We’re dirty, hot and sweaty. We are connecting at ground level, making eye contact, shaking hands, touching and sharing in laughter, we are not looking through air-conditioned windows at people or animals out there. It is a real experience.” — Anka Martin

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A Race unlike any other —

A 2019 race report by Trevor DeRuisé (KTM), complete with descriptions of terrain, camps, and what makes K2N so unique.

“Just 30 minutes into day 2 after a massive 2500ft descent on rough but flowy single track from our camp on the base of Kili, I nearly forgot how to ride a bike when I saw a group of 4 giraffes running alongside Tinker and I about 60 feet off the trail. Zebras, wildebeest, ostriches, and so much more were everywhere…. You’re basically on a mountain bike safari.” — Trevor DeRuisé

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the improbable race —

Ray Marcelo offers his K2N 2019 race report, and explains what makes K2N so unusual.

“I heard a deep buzzing sound, mixed with chanting. There were a group of Maasai, dressed in red robes, with jewelry glittering in the sun, dancing in a tight circle. I’d only ever seen this dance on TV documentaries. A Maasai would enter the circle, bounce a few times high into the air, followed by another. As I rode nearer, their singing got louder. I wasn’t sure if I’d chanced upon it, or whether they were doing it because of the race. I waved and smiled to try and show my appreciation as I passed by.” — Ray Marcelo

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Unrivaled adventure and the african experience at k2n stage race —

HitSquad, Gordon Wadsorth and Thomas Turner, joined (and won) K2N’s inaugural 2018 race. This is Gordon’s (very detailed) race report.

“One thing that the entire field and production staff agreed upon is that the inagural K2N Stage Race was an incredible success. Northern Tanzania was an incredible stage for a multi-day race and the courses were world class….

Events like Joberg2C and the Cape Epic may offer intense racing action and challenging courses but its the belief of this bike racer that the K2N is a premium event featuring hospitality, topography, and experience that no other race in the world has to offer.” — Gordon Wadsworth

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Kilimanjaro race in tanzania funds agriculture development —

International Mountain Bike Magazine highlights K2N’s commitment to community development work in Tanzania.

“Kilimanjaro 2 Natron MTB Stage Race has partnered with Tanzanian development group One World Sustainable Livelihood (OWSL) to assist resource-poor smallholder farmers in Tanzania. The race will put 50% of 2019 profits into sustainable and reproducible education-based projects. The goal is to work alongside farmers to help them achieve food security for their families.”

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How mountain biking can change the world —

In this article Trevor DeRuisé explains why he was drawn to K2N, and how cycling can affect change in the world.

“(K2N) represents one of the most powerful forms of social entrepreneurship in the world; where you take your passion (mountain biking) and use it to make the world a better place. Brett’s mission in Tanzania is one most of us never would have heard of. However, through our common love of cycling, we’re able to get an up-close view of one man’s mission to improve the world, lend a small hand, and get inspired for a calling our own.” — Trevor DeRuisé

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