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We are still chuffed with the 2019 race course, as are the riders. K2N offers four stages of varied terrain, amazing scenery, and wildlife viewing. Cyclists ride their bikes where very few have. The course is raceable by the experienced, challenging to the adventurer, and rewarding for all.

Anka Martin Kilimanjaro

The sorting

K2N is a true backcountry race adventure. The race takes place on double track safari roads, fast single track, and technical single track. Racers encounter stones, rock, sand, thorns, wildlife and more thorns.* Our single track is not designed for bicycles; rather, it was constructed by wild animals and pack donkeys, for wild animals and pack donkeys. The northern Tanzania geography, flora and fauna — while spectacular to witness — are also obstacles with which to contend, especially on stage one at 3800 meters (12500 ft). You might fall, you likely will bleed, and you absolutely are going to carry your bike.**

We don’t say all of this to scare potential riders away (er, well, perhaps we do***). But we also ask that you consider this more than a sorting. We at K2N are issuing a call to challenge and true adventure. And we can’t wait for you to experience it with us.

* Uhm… bring more sealant than you think you could possibly need.
** And don’t bring your fancy carbon shoes, brah.
*** While the course is challenging, riders of all levels can (and have) completed the race (and enjoyed it); our time cutoffs are lenient and
exist only for the safety of our riders.

Anka Martin Kilimanjaro 2

Stage 1: Assault on Kilimanjaro    
56 km, ↑1760 m / 35 mi, ↑5800 ft
Access road / single track (some very technical)

Assault on Kili, Stage 1.png
MTB Africa Adventure

Stage 2: Seven sisters
80 km, ↑500 m / 50 mi, ↑1650 ft
Single track / safari road


Anka Martin Shred

Stage 3:  Ketumbeine XCM
74 km, ↑1000 m / 44 mi, ↑3300 ft
double and single track

Finish Line Natron

 Stage 4: bomba traverse
46 km, ↑650 m / 29 mi, ↑2150 ft
(very) technical single track

Bomba Traverse, Stage 4.png